The Many Aspects of Clinical Trials
Organized into a single space

The many moving parts of a clinical trial: Documents to upload and track. Training to conduct. Multiple sites to coordinate. Results to monitor. Safety letters to distribute. Compliance to ensure. And the list goes on.

Any one of these aspects gets off track, and you’re facing costly delays. InvestigatorSpace helps ensure that doesn’t happen. This proprietary, purpose-based portal can take your clinical trial from start to success faster and easier than ever before.

InvestigatorSpace is our fully integrated training and communication study portal, and it addresses individual clinical trial requirements to support your entire research portfolio.

An Overview of The Benefits of InvestigatorSpace:

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Enterprise Clinical Trial Management
A key benefit of InvestigatorSpace is its ability to provide the study management team real time visibility of clinical trial training, safety and documentation status. Allowing you to make decisions faster and with more accuracy than ever before.
Site Start Up
Simplify and accelerate site start up with a completely automated process that can fit into your existing workflow.
Study Communication
Real time communication across the globe throughout the duration of the study.
RDX® is a proprietary product within InvestigatorSpace that allows you to distribute, collect and track all study start up documents all in one centralized place.
InvestigatorSpace offers online investigator training and technology to support live investigator meetings.
SafetyVigilance, a product within InvestigatorSpace, can electronically deliver, track and confirm signature receipt of hundreds of Safety Letters across all sites.
Study Home
A customizable communication center within the InvestigatorSpace portal that allows sites to share news and team information, manage calendar and document distribution.
Study Close Out
Automated Study Close Out allows study administrators to electronically streamline ERF delivery, manage site compliance and close EDC system months sooner.

96% of users said Trifecta InvestigatorSpace was as good or better than any other clinical trial technology solution they’ve ever experienced.