Behind the Scenes of Vertical Integration at Trifecta

By Ericka Atkinson, Vice President of Operations, Trifecta

Often during a client meeting, a comment will be shared such as, “I didn’t know you did that.” or “You do that in-house?” or even, “I never thought all of these services could co-exist in one company.” Trifecta has a deep focus on specific areas of eClinical operations, including our core offerings of investigator training, communication and safety event distribution. For each of these areas, Trifecta connects the dots for how you can move from here–>to where you want to be in the most efficient way. We are vertically integrated, which drives significant speed and quality advantages for our clients. Trifecta delivers end-to-end investigator training from training production–>to training curriculum configuration–>to training certificate documentation–>to comprehensive reporting for inspection readiness.

Let’s talk for a moment about vertical integration. The complements of upstream and downstream innovation are well known and desired within not only pharma, but across industries. Upstream firms can invest in technology where downstream can combine technology & design. At Trifecta, we can do both with agility.

What does this mean? You will have access to a training platform that supports the dynamic nature of clinical trials and increases efficiencies in your site start up process. We are able to capture your training and launch it within our online platform, InvestigatorSpace®, within 5 days. Just 5 days from training capture for that training to be in the hands of your investigators and study teams around the world. Have a specific training need?–>No problem. We prepare interactive online training modules such as GCP, Standardized Non-Protocol Specific topics such as Safety Reporting, to very customized Protocol or Compound Specific training; allowing site staff to login at anytime, anywhere to complete training requirements quickly and efficiently. Need advanced production services or highly customized content delivery? –>We can partner with you to achieve it. We edit, prepare animations and manage translations. Trifecta also supports live meetings, virtual meetings and houses on-demand training. We can work with your teams to manage the big picture needs of your studies while handling all the details that matter. This is what we mean by vertical integration. This concept extends to Trifecta’s communication and safety platform, SafetyVigilance® as well.

How do we achieve this? When you work with Trifecta you have access to our team of nimble, problem solvers. We look for a few core traits in our team members: deep clinical and technical expertise paired with the ability to challenge the status quo, with a focus on the big picture of helping to advance the medicines of tomorrow. Tall order? Yes, and I can assure you I see it in everyone on our team.

Here’s how it works “backstage”: When we handle your study or project, you’ll work closely with our project management team; but this is only the team that you will “see”. Behind the scenes working diligently for you include our strategic business development advisors, business analysts, marketing team and our entire production team which includes Hollywood known professional producers, editors, animators, sound engineers, and the list goes on. When it comes to investigator training, we have stacked the deck at Trifecta and are ready to help you succeed with efficiency.

There’s so much to share about how we can simplify and accelerate clinical trials. Please reach out to me directly to discuss how our team can assist yours.

Happy Holidays!

Ericka Atkinson is the Vice President of Operations at Trifecta. She leads all operations and development teams at Trifecta. Ericka brings over 20 years of executive level operations expertise to her role. A graduate of The University of Arizona, Ericka is based in Indianapolis. She can be reached at